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Concrete Patios For Your Perfect Backyard Space

Oahu Concrete Paving has created many concrete patios on Oahu.  Concrete patios provide a great place to enjoy your backyard that is clean, level, and just how you want it.  Any concrete patio builder on Oahu knows that the homeowner is trying to create a clean, level, and long-lasting space in their backyard that they can enjoy with their friends and family.  Concrete patios on Oahu provide a guaranteed clean space for your BBQ, outdoor furniture, and as a general gathering place.  Oahu Concrete Paving can create simple broom finished concrete patios all the way to acrylic finished stamped concrete with a unique design and color.  Call Oahu Concrete Paving for a long-lasting, affordable, and perfect concrete patio on Oahu. We give free estimates, and can answer all of your questions. 

Well-placed patios can enhance aesthetic appeal at your home, and many landscapes can reap benefits from the installation of concrete patios. You can avoid wastage by using concrete to build patios. They can be laid in various configurations, shapes, and colors. They last for many years and have the ability to withstand severe weather conditions. Concrete patios require little maintenance, and are easy to clean.  

Concrete is ideal for patios and other outdoor locations. It is highly versatile. You can easily mold concrete into any shape. Its versatility allows it to be finished in lots of different ways, adding a personal touch to your patio. You can alter the design of the concrete while it is fresh. Staining or imprinting a stamp design can also be achieved, or, you may prefer a smooth finish to your patio. You can give your patio a varied appearance by etching it with acid or sandblasting. This method works for smooth finishes. You can get a customized patio look through imprinting. Add more colors to fit your taste while pouring the concrete. Staining your patio like wood can offer additional protection. Different designs can be achieved when you score the concrete before it sets. You can create a concrete patio that has an incredible design when you incorporate different colors.  

The installation process of concrete patios is relatively easy, and no engineering expertise is needed. You begin by leveling the ground where the concrete patio will be installed. Leveling should be done to the desired level, and you should factor in the patio’s thickness when leveling the ground. Patios aren’t usually more than 4 inches thick. The installed patio should be easy to step on and it shouldn’t create an unsafe situation. The concrete patio should effectively drain off any rainwater from its surface.  

You should plan the patio’s design and look before any work is done. Plans to get colors, picks, imprints as well as other design arrangements should be made before any concrete work is started. You can do the job by yourself if you are confident about your DIY skills. However, when an expert contractor can deliver a more stunning job of laying concrete patios, it really can be considered a work of art that is hard to obtain with inexperience. 

The formation of your patio’s sides requires formwork. This has to be done before you pour concrete. You may require joints of lengths of around 10 to 15 feet for patios of long lengths. The surface of the patio may develop cracks as the concrete expands. 

Let the concrete cure for several days once you are done laying the designs and colors on your patio. You should leave it for around a week before you allow any foot traffic. Then, you can go ahead and paint it. You can also extend your patio’s life by sealing it using proper sealers.

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